Coachella 2018: The Fashion Trends Taking Over This Year


Alan Paone via Wikimedia Commons

The view at Coachella.

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, or simply Coachella, is an annual music festival held in Indio, California. Unlike most music festivals, a variety of genres are featured at Coachella, including hip-hop, indie, electronic dance music, and rock. Throughout the event, live music is played continuously on several outdoor stages, allowing the audience to migrate to the area of their choice. Alongside the music, a variety of visual art is displayed during Coachella, including drawings, paintings, and sculptures, allowing festival-goers to celebrate and appreciate all forms of art. 

This year, hundreds of thousands of people have traveled from all over of the world to watch headliners such as Beyoncé, The Weeknd, and Eminem perform at Coachella. Even celebrities like Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Kendall Jenner made appearances at the event.

Sophomore Taryn Herman, who attended Coachella this year, said, “Coachella was a really great experience. The music was amazing and everyone I met there was super nice and friendly. Everyone was just having so much fun and it was overall such a fun weekend that I can’t wait for next year!”

Even though most people who attend Coachella go for the music, others look forward to the fashion. When it comes to Coachella style, there is one rule: stand out. This festival yields some of the most eye-catching, unique outfits that any music festival has ever seen. Coachella 2018 was no exception, as festival-goers got decked out in vivid colors, bold prints, and body glitter. But what keeps Coachella fashion interesting is that it is evolving and changing year after year.

This year, people have noticed a shift from the boho-chic fringe vests and flower crowns to a much more modern approach, with streetwear dominating the music festival. This “street style” includes bold color blocking, baggy clothing, chunky sneakers, fanny packs, and all things vintage.  People also sported a variety of bold jewelry,  from silver statement necklaces to gold body chains.  To finish off the whole look, festival-goers also wore a variety of makeup and hair looks that included holographic highlighters, glittery eyes, and sparkly hair.

Even though sneakers have replaced ankle boots and braids and rainbow hair have replaced flower crowns, some things do not change. Coachella will always be one of the world’s biggest and best music festivals with some of the most eye-popping outfits, incorporating the newest and most innovative fashion trends.

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Photo Source: Alan Paone via Wikimedia Commons