A Night to Remember at Grad Bash


Robert Linsdell via Flickr

The Class of 2019 enjoyed Grad Bash in Orlando in early April.

Every spring, Universal Orlando opens its doors to hundreds of high school seniors eager to celebrate the end of their final year of high school with a bang. The celebration is called “Grad Bash” and Universal describes it as a “once-in-a-lifetime, rite-of- passage celebration for high school seniors.” Grad Bash includes exclusive access to two of Universal’s acclaimed theme parks– Islands of Adventure™ and Universal Studios™– filled with countless entertainment options. Besides the rides, musical entertainment and performances are part of the experience as well. This year, Grammy-winning Jamaican rapper Sean Paul graced the park with his presence at a live concert, one of Grad Bash’s most anticipated events.

On Friday, April 13th, Pine Crest’s Class of 2018 was able to experience the excitement of Grad Bash for themselves. After leaving for Orlando around noon on Friday, the students returned to school the next day around 6 a.m.

Senior Saagar Jain shared his thoughts on this unforgettable experience: “Grad Bash was really fun because it was an event that celebrated our graduation in an informal and fun way.”

Although Senior Charles D’Ambra found the live entertainment “underwhelming,” he seized the opportunity to enjoy rides on the park’s most thrilling roller coasters.  He found the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit to be “a blast.” 

Overall, the seniors found Grad Bash to be a truly special experience.  Long after sunset, they continued dancing to the music and exploring the park with friends, joining together as a class to commemorate the end of their high school careers. 

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Photo Source: Flickr