Homecoming Week Updates: Tuesday

Homecoming week started off with a great deal of energy from PC students. On Tuesday, the Homecoming Court assembly introduced the senior class nominees for Homecoming King and Queen. This was followed by a lip-sync battle between the grades. The sophomores came in first place, followed by the seniors in second place, the juniors in third place, and the freshmen in fourth place. Food games were also held at the sacrifice circle, where members of the different grades competed in events such as the jello straw challenge, the watermelon-eating Contest, and the skittle toss. After school, the English department held the Poetry Out Loud event, where thirteen students competed by performing poems. Senior Caroline Nouhan won the competition and took home the golden microphone, followed by senior Clara Nguyen and freshman Johnny Ricotta, who tied for second place. Overall, the seniors won the most points in Poetry Out Loud, followed by the freshmen, juniors, and sophomores, respectively.