Spooky Spirit at Pine Crest


Courtesy of Elizabeth Baker

Seniors Drew Morris, Jenni Wolters, and Libby Baker dressed up as characters from the popular tv show "The Office."

Who doesn’t like to dress up in a costume every once in a while? Halloween is a popular celebration around the U.S., and the Pine Crest community is no exception.

Every year on October 31st, Pine Crest celebrates Halloween with a variety of traditions. Lower School students get dressed up in costumes and have Halloween parties. Middle School students wear orange and black to get in the Halloween spirit. In Upper School, seniors have the privilege of dressing up in costume for Halloween at school. This long-standing tradition is one that high schoolers anticipate while in their underclassmen years.

Type One talked to senior Megan Guido about her plans for Halloween this year. She “decided to be a beanie baby for Halloween this year because…it was a fun and easy costume to wear to school.” She and a group of friends are “wearing onesies and tags with the TY label.”

Popular Halloween costumes at Pine Crest in previous years include aliens, angels and devils, superheroes, skeletons, mermaids, lifeguards, Hawaiian tourists, and athletes.  This year, the Administration team dressed up as characters from the Wizard of Oz, while seniors dressed up in a variety of costumes; the most popular costumes this year were from TV shows and movies like Stranger Things, the Incredibles, Spongebob, and Gossip Girl.  

Even though underclassmen cannot wear costumes to school on Halloween, they can still get in the spirit outside of school. According to NBC News, costumes that one can expect to see this year include Fortnite costumes, Spider-Man costumes, pirate costumes, unicorn costumes, as well as others. Type One looks forward to seeing what creative costumes the senior class comes up each year on Halloween, and what spooky costumes students wear outside of school as well.

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