Team Spotlight: Girls Weightlifting Team


James Sullivan

The Girls Weightlifting team ready to work hard to get their results!

This past week, Type One spoke to members of the girls weightlifting team to get a closer look into this exciting sport. Junior Delaney Dardet has been a member since 8th grade, and joined because she felt it was a unique sport that could help her performance in other activities. Entering her fourth year as a member of the team, she told Type One her favorite part is the team dynamic. “Everyone is so supportive of each other, and we always fill the weight room with cheering and support during meets,” she said. Ever since qualifying for districts in 8th grade, Delaney said she has gained increasingly more strength and confidence thanks to her teammates and coaches. Delaney goes to the weight-room two or three times a week at 6:15 AM to practice, and hopes to qualify for regionals this season.

Senior Gigi Cohen is entering her second year on the girls weightlifting team, and became involved after numerous injuries left her exploring other sports opportunities. Gigi told Type One that competing in this sport “has opened up a new realm of competition that makes me excited.” Like Delaney, Gigi says that her favorite part of the sport is being part of a team that is “so cohesive and supportive.”  Practicing at least seven times a week, Gigi hopes to make it all the way to states this year, an improvement from competing in regionals last year. She also hopes to break her personal records in lifts, bench press, and clean and jerk. Type One wishes Delaney, Gigi, and all other members of the weightlifting team the best of luck in this upcoming season!