Sheriff Scott Israel’s Suspension, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Surgery, and Jayme Closs’ Escape


Cliff Frommer

Sheriff Scott Israel suspended

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has suspended Sheriff Scott Israel over his handling of the Parkland high school shooting. This is not the only time that Sheriff Israel has been questioned for wrongdoing; he was also unable to provide safety during the Fort Lauderdale International Airport shooting in January 2017. In response to his suspension, Israel claimed “This was about politics, not about Parkland.” Israel has made the decision to avoid resignation, and is planning to fight for the removal of his suspension.

Source: CNN

Photo Source: Broward County Sheriff’s Office via Wikimedia Commons


Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is absent from the Supreme Court due to a lung cancer surgery she had on December 21st. Doctors expect her to return by February, and until then will review transcripts and moderately make decisions from her home. Critics say that Ginsburg should be retired for a long time by now due to her health problems, but Ginsburg’s natural fighting mentality has given her motivation to intend on serving for at least five more years.


Sources: Politico Magazine, CNN


Wisconsin teenager Jayme Closs, missing for months after her parents were murdered in front of her own eyes at her home, escapes from her kidnapper, James Patterson. Patterson would enclose Jayme under his bed when leaving the house and physically abused Jayme once when she tried to escape, threatening worse consequences if she tried again. However, Jayme was determined to escape, and found her way out to safety. Patterson has been captured by the Barron County Police, and the bail has been set to $5 million.

Source: The New York Times