The Rise of Vegan Cosmetics


Agronauti Cosmetics via Flickr

There is a wide variety of vegan cosmetics to choose from.

When one hears the word “vegan,” what typically comes to mind is a diet that does not consist of any animal products. Recently, the umbrella of veganism has been expanding. Research by Mintel’s Global New Products Database (GNPD) cites a 175% increase in cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics from July 2013 to June 2018. But why the dramatic increase? GNPD has found that millennials and younger Americans seek products that are sustainable, natural, and plant-based. They also focus their consumption on companies with strong ethics. In addition, another reason for this rising trend is animal testing awareness. Organizations like our own Students Against Animal Cruelty Club at Pine Crest have increased consciousness about animal cruelty, especially through animal testing.

Sami Heller, a junior at Pine Crest and a member of the Students Against Animal Cruelty Club said, “Animal Cruelty is an important issue. I have two dogs, and I can’t imagine testing any potentially harmful products on them. Therefore, I want to work to ensure that no animal has to undergo pain for the benefit of the economy.” 

As millennials and young Americans alike demand, brands are delivering more and more ethical products. One brand leading this campaign is Cover FX. Cover FX, a cosmetics brand established in 2000, focuses their efforts on “creating high-quality makeup products made from good-for-you ingredients, with a global audience in mind.” They sell makeup in over 40 different shades so that people of all skin tones can enjoy their products. Cover FX uses the help of dermatologists to ensure that their products are not only good for the environment but good for users as well. They use vitamins and minerals that aid skin and decrease redness.

Junior Danielle Weisfisch said, “I use Cover FX foundation almost every day. I always struggled to find a foundation that perfectly matched my skin tone, yet did not irritate my face until I found Cover FX.”

Other popular vegan makeup brands that have taken the market and the internet by storm include Inika, Axiology, Kat Von D Beauty, PHB Ethical Beauty, and Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Many individuals may presume that these specialized makeup brands are costly, but B. Beauty is a vegan makeup brand focused on creating affordable products. Two brands which are especially innovative are Spectrum and EcoTools. These brands create vegan makeup brushes which have revolutionized the market because they allow individuals to transform their makeup routine into a 100% vegan experience. With dozens of vegan cosmetic brands on the market, there are plenty of options to let your cosmetic creativity expand without supporting brands that harm animals.

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Photo Source: Agronauti Cosmetics via Flickr