Evolution of Red Carpet Fashion


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Oscars Awards

Award shows are iconic for showcasing new fashion trends. The gowns and suits worn at these events are often heavily influenced by popular culture and upcoming brands in the fashion industry. Award shows provide a great look into the beauty and design trends that are unique to certain time periods.

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Reese Witherspoon in a modern red carpet look

2019 award show fashion ranged from pink tulle gowns to pantsuits for women, and men walked the red carpet in ball gowns and colorful tuxedos. The 2019 Oscars displayed an array of styles and designers showcased by the actors and musicians in attendance. Trends that were particularly popular were delicate fabrics, structured shoulders, and bodices. Intricate beading and prints dominated the award show season this year, as did bright, solid colored gowns. Pink was a popular color this year, ranging from nudes to bright neons; it replaced the popularity of dark-colored gowns in previous years.

Award show fashion for men saw monumental changes this year as well. Although a black tuxedo never goes out style, many stars wore printed or colored ensembles. At the Oscars, men like Mahershala Ali and Jason Momoa accessorized with hats and a pink velvet scrunchie. Most notably, actor Billy Porter made history when he wore a gown, rather than a tuxedo, to the award ceremony.

In addition to new trends, 90s styles such as slip dresses and ruched satin dresses were revived at this year’s award shows. Through this variety of different styles, the world can see just how far fashion and design have evolved.

Cristiano Del Riccio via Wikimedia Commons
Cheryl Hickey in a red carpet look from years past

Looking back at previous award show fashion, there is a noticeable difference in trends and styles. A decade ago, the styles, fabrics, and prints of gowns were completely different from those seen today. In the early 2000s, fashion was heavily influenced by music, culture, and trends often developed as a result of music videos and musicians.

Geometric patterns were very popular and were often worn to resemble corsets. The linear patterns feigned structure while the dresses remained close to the body. Textures, fabrics, sequins, and lace were also on trend during this decade. Men’s style was quite limited, and most men only wore black tuxes or dark blues.

Award show fashion has evolved greatly over the years, and audiences around the world look forward to seeing what the red carpet has in store for the future.  

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Photo source: Flickr, Wikimedia Commons, Wikimedia Commons