The Latest Looks from Paris Fashion Week


Henry Jose via Flickr

A look from a fashion week runway.

Fashion enthusiasts mark their calendars in both autumn and spring to tune into Paris Fashion Week. Paris Fashion Week offers top designers a platform to showcase their newest pieces. Fans watch eagerly as models strut across stages around Paris flaunting the hard work of big-name designers like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Celine, Valentino, Balenciaga, and others.

This season’s Paris Fashion Week spanned from February 25th to March 5th. One fan favorite outfit was a unique red dress by Alexander McQueen. Fans gravitated toward this dress because McQueen adorned the sleeves with large red ruffles resembling roses, and counteracted this light-hearted adornment with harsh leather accessories. Celine also developed a very popular look: an oversized yellow fur cardigan paired with classic blue jeans, tall brown boots, a grey sweater, and aviator sunglasses. Celine transformed an ordinary streetwear look into a highly fashionable runway piece by simply adding a striking piece of outerwear. Although there were thousands of original looks, Alexander McQueen’s stunning red dress and Celine’s unique yellow cardigan certainly set the bar high.

One accessory trend that was prominent at this season’s Paris Fashion Week was miniature purses. After DJ Khaled surprised young fashion icon Stormi Webster with her very own tiny Chanel purse in early February, the fashion world has seen more and more of these seemingly useless handbags. At Paris Fashion Week, designer brand Jacquemus released a tiny handbag not even big enough to fit a pair of Airpods. Although you may need glasses to see these fashionable accessories, designers at Paris Fashion Week certainly did not shy away from the trend.

While styles often repeat themselves, this year’s Paris Fashion Week was full of surprises. From bright colors and bold accessories to classic looks from elegant brands, Paris Fashion Week was an exciting week of trends.

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Photo Sources: Flickr