Highlights: New Anatomy Table and Entrepreneurship Class


Liza Goldstone

Students use a new cadaver simulation table to learn the intricacies of human biology.

The New Entrepreneurship Class with Mrs. Kolettis

Next year, a new class will become available to Upper School students. The Social Entrepreneurship Class will be a three-year program aiming to prepare students for the real world. It will take place in the EDGE (Entrepreneurship Dedicated to Global Engagement) space adjacent to the library. “This class is going to be a really nice brainstorming space and think tank hub to not only have instruction by way of classes, but also to come together to collaborate, communicate, and critically think about global social problems,” said course founder Mrs. Kolettis. This class will combine business principles with critical thinking to pinpoint and solve large problems that affect our social economy.


The New Science Training Table in the Technology Wing

The biology department recently received a new anatomy table that simulates the human body for practice in class. “The anatomy table has scans from four different cadavers that allow us to go through each cadaver by organ systems. We can really look at the organ systems and how they work together,” explained Mrs. Rice, a biology teacher excited to use this new piece of equipment for her forensic course next year. This table is an example of the latest technology in the scientific world that can be applied to a classroom environment, allowing students to gain a better understanding of their subject matter and its real-life applications.