Student Council Elections, Beta Applications, and Senior Awards

What a week at Pine Crest!


Beta Club boasts hundreds of members across all four grades of Upper School.

End of the Year Positions

As the the year comes to an end, new positions in Pine Crest Student Council are up for reelection. Many candidates have announced themselves for the new positions in student council. Students vote for all positions pertaining to their grade following speeches on April 3.  Below is the list of candidates running for student council positions, with the winners in bold.


Class of 2020 – President

Jordan Zietz*

Tsion Yared

Evan Cholerton


*elected Vice President

Class of 2020 – StuCo Reps

Maya Beleznay

Blake Kravitz


Class of 2021 – President

Luke Fatovic

Josh Perper


Class of 2021 – Vice President

Justin Koolik

Will Kirschner

Lauren Howe


Class of 2021 – StuCo Reps

Marlie Kahan

Mahdere Yared

Ester Kislin


Class of 2022 – President

Emma Gomez

Carys Edwards

Kelly Dunne

Benjamin Krut


Class of 2022 – Vice President

Isaac Martinez

Ashlyn McGinn

Lily Spyredes

Alex Bodmer


Class of 2022 – StuCo Reps

Piper Braden

Hanna Elks Smith


Beta Club Applications

In addition to student council applications, students have to fill out Beta Club applications, which are due before 3:00 p.m. on April 8. Students are scrambling to finalize their applications in hopes of qualifying for the club. Prospective members must fulfill community service requirements and demonstrate involvement and leadership in school activities through their applications.


Senior Academic Awards Ceremony

The senior academic awards ceremony took place on March 26, 2019. During this ceremony, academic department heads gave speeches and announced the recipients of various awards. The subjects included in the awards ceremony were mathematics, english, science, social science, and world languages. The awards ceremony rewarded students who have performed excellently in each subject.  Seniors were thrilled to be acknowledged for their hard work in scholarly pursuits.