Spotlight: Silver Knight Awards & Nominees

Spotlight: Silver Knight Awards & Nominees

from Pine Crest website

On May 16, 2019, Silver Knight awards will be granted to high school students across Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. Among the nominees for this prestigious award are twelve of our own Pine Crest seniors.


Silver Knight winners are recognized for a strong commitment to both their academics and to serving their community. Nominees show extensive, passionate dedication to a specific cause.


Type One had the pleasure of speaking with Mrs. Jaramillo, who was able to share more information about the Silver Knight awards. Mrs. Jaramillo elaborated on the recipient selection process. She said,

“A committee nominates students to compete in the Silver Knight competition. From there, students complete a robust application outlining and detailing the specifics of their community service as well as moments of academic excellence. Students also participate in an interview with a panel of judges where they talk about their project.”

She also noted that there are fifteen categories for which a student can be nominated, each school being able to nominate one student per category.


Silver Knight recipients are generously rewarded for their years of hard work and meaningful service. Winners receive $2,000 dollars as well as a Silver Knight statuette and a medallion. Honorable mentions also bring home a prize of $500 and a plaque.


The Pine Crest nominees were chosen for

“an unselfish commitment to others and…strong record of service throughout high school,” said Mrs. Jaramillo.


Type One also caught up with one nominee, Julia Karten ’19, who was selected for the Music & Dance category. A dancer for 14 years, she said,

I was extremely honored to have been nominated for the Silver Knight Award. Serving my community has always been a passion of mine, and it is humbling to have my work recognized by others.”


Julia began her service to the community in freshman year through Achieve Miami, which strives to bridge the gap in underserved communities. She participated in the Saturday Literary Mentorship Program which helps third through fifth graders reach target reading levels and excel academically. She enjoyed watching her “little buddies” thrive, saying,

“I saw the effects of my interactions and saw how engaged these students became when they focused on an activity where they were encouraged to relax, show creativity, and express themselves.”

She believed that she could make an even bigger impact in these children’s lives through what she loves the most, dance. Therefore, she set up the Achieve Miami Summer Dance Program. She worked hard to make sure that this program was successful and spent weeks writing a proposal to present to the Achieve Miami. They were thrilled by her proposition and she was quickly approved. She said,

“I developed, implemented, and led a 5-week summer dance program which was held at Jesse J. McCrary, Jr Elementary School in Little River, Miami. The intent of the program was to impact the most deserving of children in underserved communities and teach them how dance can inspire by providing an outlet of self-expression and an escape from their day-to-day circumstances.”

She also held donation drives to gather dance apparel for the participants, as they often could not afford their own supplies. The program still remains successful and is something Julia is especially proud of.


Julia Karten is just one example of a Silver Knight nominee doing great things in their community. All the nominees excel in their respective fields and strive to share their passion within the greater community.


The list of Pine Crest nominees is as follows:


Daniel Gale: Athletics

Harris Gevinson: Business

David Radvany-Roth: Digital & Interactive Media

Audrey Hollo: English & Literature

Carly Siegel: General Scholarship

Mason Berger: Journalism

Ryan Ding: Mathematics

Julia Karten: Music & Dance

Isabelle Seckler: Science

Conor Zimmerman: Social Science

Simran Wadhwa: Vocational Technical

Josh Lehrman: World Languages


Type One congratulates all the nominees of this award and wishes them the best of luck!