Founder’s Council Award Winner Hank Ingham

Type One caught up with PC Senior, Hank Ingham, who recently won a Founder’s Council Award. Hank has been a student at Pine Crest since Pre-K and will be attending Princeton University with plans to study molecular biology in the fall. His love of the arts started early as he was surrounded by music from a young age with his father and grandfather both playing the piano. Hank began taking piano lessons in kindergarten from Mr. Evers. In Lower School, he was an on-and-off participant of the choir but began playing the trumpet in fourth grade. Once reaching high school, he furthered his commitment to the arts by becoming a pianist for the jazz band.

Hank combined his love of vocal and instrumental endeavors by becoming a performer in the musical and play since 6th grade and also making an appearance in four Pine Crest ballets. He said,

“every performance is a bit different – being in a musical is a very different kind of energy from that in a serious play, and singing is different from playing an instrument, and [an instrumental] solo is different from being a part of an ensemble.”

At the Founder’s Council Awards Ceremony on April 9, Hank was honored and performed a crowd pleasing rendition of “You’ll Be Back” from the hit musical, Hamilton. He said,

“I was very excited when I was selected for the award – my father is a past recipient, and my mother and grandmother both served on the Founder’s Council, so it’s always been one of my highest aspirations as a PC performer to win; I’m proud to be a part of this great tradition.”

He wanted to perform a piece that would,

“highlight my vocal abilities, was comedic, had a piano accompaniment so I and Mr. Evers, my longtime piano teacher could do it live, and could be learned quickly (I had only a week).”

“You’ll Be Back” tested his range and was certainly comedic which received a standing ovation from the audience.

However, Hank contends that he would not be the performer he is today without inspiration from a few Pine Crest music teachers along the way. He said,

“my music teachers Mr. Evers, Mr. Testa, and Mrs. Fasulo inspired me for the last decade to pursue the arts.”

Once Hank leaves Pine Crest, he does not want to give up performing and plans on seeking out the choir and scramble band at Princeton, as well as taking opportunities to perform in plays or musicals.

Type One congratulates Hank on his prestigious Founder’s Council Award and wishes him all the best in the future!