How to Ace Exams: 11 Simple Study Tips


lecroitg via Wikimedia Commons

Final exams are approaching.

As finals and AP exams are approaching, Pine Crest students are gearing up for a strong finish to the 2018-2019 school year. Below is a comprehensive list of tips from Pine Crest students and faculty to ensure that you have a healthy, stress free, and successful exam season.

  1. Start studying now. Keep in mind that these exams are cumulative, and cramming the night before will not work to your advantage.
  2. While making study materials, do not get caught up in making things neat or including every small detail. This will help you spend your time wisely.

  3. Stay healthy. When asked about how she prepares for exams, junior Jordan Vital said, “I always make sure to eat healthy foods leading up to and during exam week. I drink a lot of water and mix Emergen-C into my water bottle in the morning to make sure my immune system is as strong as possible.” Some of her favorite study snacks include fruit smoothies, kombucha, avocado toast, and apples and peanut butter.

  4. Study in groups. Your best friend is not always your best study partner; try working with classmates who you can focus with and who have similar study methods as you.

  5. Learn by talking out loud. Reading and repeating information is the best way to make it stick.

  6. Be comfortable. Sophomore Ariella Bernick explains her approach: “I always take advantage of the amazing opportunity administration gives us to wear sweatpants on exam days. For me, being comfortable is of utmost importance while focusing on exams.”

  7. Take meaningful breaks. A quick 15-minute snack or stretch break will help you focus better when you return to studying.

  8. Get plenty of sleep. While all-night studying may seem tempting, nothing is more valuable than getting your eight hours of rest.

  9. Find your study spot. Debate coach and social science teacher Mr. Lewis said, “I watched my two sons go through exam stress, and each year I watch my students as they get ready for their exams. It’s important for students to find a spot where they know they can focus on their studies. Some of my debaters like to study in the debate office, others find a quiet spot in the back of a hallway, in a teachers classroom, or in a wing. Wherever you study make sure to find somewhere you can focus and be consistent.”

  10. Pack your exam day materials the night before. These include pencils, pens, erasers, snacks, water, a sweatshirt, and a calculator (if permitted).

  11. Be early to your exams. Organize your transportation in advance to stay stress-free on exam day.

  12. Stay motivated! It is easy to lose focus during the last weeks of the school year, but try your best to finish strong.

Everyone studies differently, but these tips should provide some helpful insight from students and teachers who have gone through exam week in the past. Good luck!

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons