Back to School Backpacks


Seniors Brooke Greenfield and Jessy Siegel wearing their one-of-a-kind backpacks (via Jessy Siegel)

As we ring in a new school year, we welcome new classes, new friends, and fresh fashion trends. Although Pine Crest students wear uniforms, there are certainly ways to show off their unique style. One of the most prominent accessories a student brings to school everyday is their backpack. This year, some favorite backpack brands are State, Herschel, and FjallRaven Kanken. 

The State “Lorimer” backpack retails for $90. It comes in a variety of different colors: black, grey, navy, and olive. To customize this simplistic backpack, the website offers an option to “personalize your bag” with initials or a symbol. Some of the many symbol patches include lips, eyes, ladybugs, dinosaurs, peace signs, emojis, lightning bolts, fruits, and rainbows.

The “Settlement Backpack” by Herschel comes in over 23 different colors. For $59.99, PC students can sport their favorite colors on their backpacks. This backpack is extraordinarily functional. From its 15-inch laptop sleeve to its front pocket key clip, this backpack ensures both organization and style.

The Settlement Backpack in a two-tone grey color (via Olivia Winnick)

FjallRaven has taken the backpack industry by storm. Over the last few years, these backpacks have filled the hallways with their signature rectangle shape and prominent circular logo. For $80, students can select from almost 60 color options. 

This year, along with classic brands like Jansport and Herschel, brightly-colored, youthful backpacks have filled the hallways. Several seniors have initiated a creative trend: sparkly or fluffy backpacks with animal shapes and cartoon characters. These vibrant backpacks are sure to bring senior spirit to campus.

A brightly-colored rainbow backpack perfect for a senior (via Olivia Winnick)


As students walk through the halls, they are sure to notice the unique array of backpacks. Whether students choose a basic black bag or a sparkly unicorn-inspired bag, they are sure to display their sense of style.

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