Senior Sunrise: The Beginning of the End


Jolie Shapiro

Seniors arrived at Commercial Pier just before the sunrise, around 6:45 a.m.

It’s the dawn of a new school year, and the Class of 2020 kicked off the start of many other senior-oriented celebrations with the annual Senior Sunrise.

Last Friday, members of our graduating class set their alarms for earlier than usual and made their way to Commercial Pier. Upon arrival, the senior class board and Ms. Everett greeted the senior class with a spread of doughnuts, bagels, fresh fruit, and orange juice to eat with friends and teachers to accompany the view of the sun rising over a beautiful South Florida beach.

The event served not only as an opportunity to socialize with classmates, but also as a symbol of the changes that are soon to occur. Senior Sunrise marks the beginning of the end of the seniors’ careers at Pine Crest, while also assuring the graduating class that their years of hard work and diligence will all be rewarded.

Brooke Greenfield ’20 stated, “I’m really excited for the future. I feel ready to be moving onto a new chapter of my life.”

Faculty who chaperone the sunrise cite the event as a reminder of why they took up careers in education.

“Today was my annual early-morning reminder that I have a pretty sweet gig.” Mrs. Everett, an Upper School teacher stated on the day of Senior Sunrise. “At 6:30 this morning, I was barefoot in the sand, watching the sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean, and wishing the next group of amazing students a great start to their last year at the Pine. And that’s my job. Unreal.”

Type One, along with the rest of the Pine Crest community, commends the seniors for their years of hard work. We know that the future holds bright things for them all.