Meet Me in St. Louis Rehearsals Begin

Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer via Wikimedia Commons

"Meet Me in St. Louis" has been a popular musical since the days of Judy Garland.

Rehearsals have already begun for the fall musical, Meet Me In St. Louis, which will premiere on November 15. The play, which is set in 1904, focuses on the lives of a family of seven in St. Louis, filled with songs and dance numbers that convey myriad stories of love, conflict, and fun. The family, made up of parents Mrs. Anna and Mr. Alonzo Smith along with their five children—Esther, Sarah “Tootie,” Rose, Alonzo “Lon” Jr., and Agnes— has several great stories to tell, especially through the eyes of the four sisters.

The sisters, played by Ai Shono ’20, Natalie Rubenstein ’20, and Mary Beighley ’22 (with Tootie yet to be determined), will comprise the spotlight of the play. With Esther struggling to navigate her feelings for John Truitt, played by Daniel Hennelley ’21, and Rose’s long-distance romance with wealthy New York scholar Warren Sheffield, played by Aidan Veghte ’21, there is no doubt that Pine Crest students, faculty, and parents will have a blast experiencing this musical come November.