Mr. Nondorf and the College Process

UChicago in the Fall.

Mr. Nondorf, the Dean of Admissions at the University of Chicago, came to Pine Crest on September 24th to speak to our junior and senior class. This informative talk helped each of these students learn more about what is expected of them during the college process and ask any questions about the University of Chicago or about other highly selective universities. Mr. Nondorf went through each aspect of the college admission process, starting with the transcript and standardized testing and making his way through essays, recommendations, and extracurricular activities. The biggest takeaway students reported they got from Mr. Nondorf was a new feeling of calm surrounding college admissions and a renewed sense of confidence and competence being a Pine Crest student. The University of Chicago has a 5.9% percent acceptance rate, but Mr. Nondorf said that many Pine Crest students are qualified for the rigor of this institute.