Pine Crest Holds its Annual Club Fair


Anna Selden

Students attended the club fair in droves to peruse club offerings.

Last Friday thirty-eight student-led clubs participated in the club fair in hopes of attracting prospective members. Teacher sponsors waited for the event with great anticipation, eager t0 see an expansion in their club’s membership.

Mrs. Zingariello, faculty sponsor of Best Foot Forward Club, a community service club, stated, “In previous years, we have had a successful turnout and recruited many students who like the idea of helping foster children succeed.”

This year’s club fair was particularly special because of the major alterations made to the club ratification process. After the administration concluded that a greater number of clubs reduces their individual impacts, Student Council has become more selective when deciding which clubs will be approved. In addition, several existing clubs with similar missions have been merged so that each club has a distinct purpose. Because of the overhaul, students who had previously joined countless miscellaneous extracurricular activities can now funnel their long list of activities into a few clubs toward which they are willing to devote their time.

“Clubs have always been an important part of the Pine Crest experience,” explained Mr. Weinberg, who oversees Pine Crest’s student government. “Student Council is excited to have undergone a redesign process in order to build upon what previous students have established and continue to provide a positive and productive club experience for Upper School students.”

Leaders of student clubs are also pleased with the change. Since the list of on campus clubs was largely reduced, there will be less overlapping club meetings, resulting in a greater turnout. 

Daria Peppler ‘21, president of the German Club, stated, “I think that, because the process is more organized than before, the German Club in turn has become more organized with its own affairs. Now, I truly feel that German Club will do more than ever before!”