Pine Crest’s College Quest

 On Monday, October 14, Pine Crest hosted representatives from roughly 200 colleges around the world for the annual college fair. The event was opened exclusively to sophomores, juniors, and seniors, and served as an opportunity for students to converse with alumni from their dream schools or ones recently added to their college lists.

“The beauty of our college fair is that colleges come to us and this allows our students to learn about a variety of schools all in one place,” states Jordan Shapiro, Pine Crest’s Assistant Director of College and Academic Advising. “This can help students decide if they want to continue researching a certain school or possibly even visit. It also gives our students a chance to interact and make a connection with college representatives, most of whom will have some role in reviewing their application.” 

The college fair received several positive reports. Anthony Bland ‘22, a first-time attendee of the college fair, said he “enjoyed seeing all of the colleges and gaining insight on all of the choices for schools.”

Shapiro also explained the importance of having students exposed to a wide range of schools they know little about. Many students filter their college lists to two or three schools without exploring other options that may align with their criteria. However popular, this tactic is highly discouraged. By casting a wider net and then sizing down their list from there, students will discover the college best fit for them, and with greater efficiency.

For most Upper Schoolers, the college search is already in progress. Every year, Pine Crest aims to provide everyone with the proper tools needed in making the college application process as smooth as possible. The Paw Print hopes that everyone learned something valuable from their time at the college fair!