Spooky Season in South Florida


Shane Gorski via Flickr

Haunted houses are a favorite activity during the Halloween season

The scariest season of the year is coming to a close, and it was definitely a successful one here in South Florida. Though the leaves don’t change in Florida heat, there were many ways to celebrate Halloween. From haunted houses to ghost tours, there was something to get everyone in the Halloween spirit. 

The most popular spooky attraction is Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios in Orlando. The roller coasters can be scary enough in daylight, but the park stays open late during the Halloween season as is transformed into a real life horror movie, complete with scary characters chasing guests. This year brought scares to remember with haunted houses inspired by Netflix’s hit shows and films Stranger Things, Ghostbusters, and Us.

For those interested in seeing spirits from the past, former funeral parlour turned haunted house “The Riddle House,” was the place to visit in Palm Beach. Said to be haunted by the former owner, guests have reported ghosts and true paranormal activity, confirmed by the Ghost Adventures team from the Travel Channel. 

Another popular attraction is the Paranoia Horror Maze. Located in Miami, guests navigated a winding maze and immersed themselves further and further into the world of horror with each step they took.

For the ultimate Halloween experience, South Florida Fairgrounds has it all. With mazes, graveyards, and haunted houses, the annual Fright Nights is one of the scariest events of the Halloween season.

For those looking for the best Halloween thrills, South Florida has it all. From haunted houses to theme parks and mazes, there were many activities to choose from for this spooky season.

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Photo Source: Flickr