Pine Crest’s Thanksgiving Favorites


Thanksgiving dinner food served at a table (via Marco Verch, Flickr)

November marks the kickoff of the holiday season, beginning with Thanksgiving. Let’s find out what Pine Crest students are most thankful for when it comes to Turkey Day.

Freshman Max Maister explained that his favorite part of Thanksgiving is the turkey. He is among many students who look forward to the delicious Thanksgiving food. Other class favorites include pumpkin and pecan pie, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and cranberries. These classic holiday dishes are part of long-lasting traditions of sharing meals together as a family. While some students look forward to eating delicious turkey, others are most looking forward to cooking with family. Senior Matt Buehl’s favorite Thanksgiving tradition is cooking dinner with his mom every year. Many PC students use their time off from school to cook and spend time with their families.

While many traditions center around food, some are more focused on thankfulness. In freshman Lily Weiss’ family, everyone shares what they are thankful for as they gather around the table. Another common tradition is watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade to see the iconic Charlie Brown, Aflac Duck, and Hello Kitty floats. It is also a popular tradition to watch Thanksgiving football.

Thanksgiving is a time to gather with family and reflect on the past year. While the December holidays are fast approaching, PC students enjoyed their time celebrating Thanksgiving.

Photo Source: Flickr