Do’s and Don’ts of Midterms Studying


A student studying math (via Steven S., Flickr)

As midterms approach, it is easy to let the stress take over. You can quickly become overwhelmed by all of the information and the limited amount of time left to study. Luckily, with these simple tips, you will have a successful midterms season!

Do: Make a schedule with set times to study specific things. 

If you use a schedule with specific times to study and specific times to take breaks, it is much easier to stay on track and accomplish everything that needs to be done. Creating a schedule before you begin studying leads to less wasted time.

Do: Take breaks and reward yourself throughout studying. 

Studying too much material in one session will swamp your brain, and then you won’t have a good grip on any of the material. Before you begin, plan to give yourself rewards as you progress because having something to look forward to will boost your motivation. 

Do: Get the hardest things done first. 

Jump right in to the most challenging material before your brain starts getting frazzled. You will also have a great sense of accomplishment as you move on to other subjects.

Don’t: Study in loud places. 

Studying in loud places leads to easy distraction and wasted time. Turn off all notifications on devices as well to lessen distraction as much as possible. 

Don’t: Waste time.

Follow your schedule and get things done. It’s better to learn in chunks over days or weeks instead of all the night before. In addition, don’t overstudy things that you already understand/know how to do. Instead, you should spend time reviewing the things you do not understand as well. 

Don’t: Let studying interfere with your sleep schedule.

Sleep is needed for the brain to fully form memories. It is therefore useless to study all night long. Without enough sleep, your brain cannot remember and understand new information.

As the final weeks of studying approach, remember that you’re almost done, so put in those ten extra minutes of effort whenever you can. Once exams are finished, you can look forward to two weeks of relaxation and fun. Good luck!

Photo Source: Flickr