4 Must Visit Museums in South Florida


John Zacherle via Flickr

There is so much to see and do in South Florida, but one of the best attractions is the broad range of museums. These museums offer everything from art, science, math, to kid-friendly activities, providing a place of amusement for people of all ages. Here are some of the most popular museums in South Florida:


Pérez Art Museum 

The PAMM, Pérez Art Museum Miami, is a modern and contemporary art museum whose exhibits show the diversity of Miami culture through photographs, films, and art. The building’s architecture and views are incredible. This museum is one of South Florida’s top educational and cultural museums that features work from both local and international artisans.  Rebecca Adler, a freshman, visited the Pérez Art Museum recently, and shared her thoughts on this exquisite museum, “The art was fascinating and modern, and I really enjoyed looking at all of the beautiful architecture that they offered.”


Museum of Discovery and Science 

The Museum of Discovery and Science emphasizes the learning and understanding of science and technology through their many exciting exhibits, events, and various programs. It is a great way to expose children to the wonders of science. The IMAX 3D Theatre, one of the most unique features of this museum, aires documentaries, movies, and different films daily. According to their website, “The AutoNation® IMAX 3D Theater is the only place in Florida, and one of only a few in the world, to offer 2D and 3D movies using the new IMAX with a Laser system.” Additionally, children and adults are always excited by the airboat and flight simulators. This educational and interactive museum can keep one constantly entertained and engaged. 


The Museum of Illusions 

Located in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and now Miami, this famous museum will have one in awe. This museum offers people of all ages an opportunity to experience the fantastic optical illusions and 3D illusions that teach about perception, vision, and the human brain. This museum is interactive with many opportunities for Instagram worthy pictures. Explore the world of illusions as you tour this fascinating museum. “I had the best experience at the Museum of Illusions; all the optical illusions were amazing and so much fun to see,” Dhiya Reddy, a freshman, stated after visiting this exciting attraction. 



The sugar-filled adventure throughout the Candytopia pop-up is a must-see in South Florida. It is a candy wonderland with over a dozen specially crafted rooms containing interactive candy-filled adventures. A popular spot, the marshmallow pool containing 300,000 marshmallows, is the ultimate place to go and take a picture. Candy, such as Ring Pops, AirHeads, and Pop Rocks, are scattered throughout the various rooms. There is also an interactive app that allows one to receive photographs taken in the museum via one’s email. 

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