Twelfth Night – A Senior Production

By: Harpreet Narula

It’s that time again! From January 19-21, 2011, Pine Crest students received their regular and long-awaited dose of hysterical, contemporary-influenced PC theatrics with the presentation of Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night,” which was performed in the ICI Lecture Hall. The production is a continuation of the Senior Project legacy, which was created two years ago. The talented seniors who directed this year’s performance were Valerie Novakoff and Anna Kerr. The play is a funny, comical, and twisted rendition of Shakespeare’s original comedy with an additional flair, attitude, and a diverse cast. As with every Pine Crest production, the audience could not wait to sit back, relax, and laugh hysterically.

From start to finish, the audience was entertained by the perplexing, comical plot, involving your routine deception, disguises, boorish behavior, love triangles, impractical characters. The audience also enjoyed the cast’s interpretation and presentation of the web of lovers, friends, and foes. Other than the elaborate and ridiculous plot, why exactly was this play a must see? “I enjoyed the play because of the twist the actors put on the classical characters. Like Kate Edelson, who plays Olivia, and her puppy-dog flirting and expressions for Cessario. Or the Malvolio’s gullibility and stupidity. Or the drunk sailor at the beginning of the play. It wasn’t the actual characters that made it worthwhile but the version created by the PC cast. The little quirks of their personalities made the play such a success,” said junior Ravila Bhimani. She’s right! The cast, crew, and directors were able to turn a classical Shakespearean play, which we all know can be confusing and annoying, into a hilarious contemporary comedy. Junior Alex Fisher also commented, “I LOVED IT! I can’t wait for the next!” All in all, it is clear that the rendition of Twelfth Night was a major success due to the creative interpretations and attitudes of the cast, crew, and directors.