We’re Off to Allstate!


Alexis Kesselman

It was a nail-biting three weeks for the Pine Crest singers who applied for Allstate.  Luckily, the results are in! Nine high school students will be “singing in the new year,” January 11th through January 14th in Tampa, Florida. These select students will be participating in the Allstate Mixed chorus, the Allstate Women’s chorus, and the Allstate Men’s chorus respectively. Twelfth grader Joel Brown and eleventh graders Cristian Abello and Elyse Anderson will be singing in the mixed chorus. Twelfth grader Sibel Odabas-Yigit, tenth grader Alina Edep, and ninth graders Jordanna Brody, Julia Sabra, and Alexis Kesselman will be singing in the women’s chorus. Eleventh grader Samuel Kortner will be singing in the men’s chorus. Pine Crest is also fortunate to have two members of the Allstate Concert Orchestra: Ismail Ercan and Carson Poltorack; one member of the Symphonic Orchestra: Gabriella Itzler; three Allstate Band members: David Graff, Sam Nemiroff, and Arastu Sharma; and two Allstate Jazz Band members: Holden Ross and Jake Wasserman. A thank you to Mr. Testa, Mr. Fitzpatrick, Dr. Nickolson, and Ms. Shapiro for their help on this amazing journey to Allstate. We are all looking forward to a remarkable experience.