Welcoming the PC Sailing Team


[ot-caption title=”Your 2014-2015 Pine Crest Sailing Team. (via Rachel Rutstein, Freshman)” url=”https://pctypeone.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/pcsailing.jpg”]

On October 27th, the Sailing Team was officially chartered as the newest Pine Crest team. Without the official protection of Pine Crest, this team has been together since 2012. Now, Senior captains Genevieve Selden and Emma Tillitski are excited for their team to be an official part of PC.

“Our goals are to improve, specifically our starts. Since the team is so new, we also want to build tradition and encourage new students to join,” says Tillitski about her newly minted team.

The team will need to grow in experience and number due to its recent induction. She and Selden are very excited to see what they can do, and to welcome new sailors to their team. They agree that competition is a very big part of the sport, but for them, the focus right now is mastering racing tactics and boat-handling skills. They will be focusing on building a strong foundation for future sailors to build upon.

This is a co-ed team with a lot of opportunities for people who want to start a sport but don’t have much experience. The sailing team doesn’t make cuts, and people can have a great experience in a “non-traditional sport” as Selden puts it. They practice in the Lauderdale Yacht Club, which boasts a very strong sailing program.

The team is not wasting any time, having already competed in a regatta September 27, and another one October 25-26. Their season ends in December, starts again in January, and finally ends in May.

Athletic Director Jeff Johnson is very excited to see this team grow and gain experience in the regattas throughout the two seasons. He is certain that, with some more depth and knowledge, the team will soon be ready to take on the elite sailing teams of the state, such as St. Thomas Aquinas, a nationally ranked team.

Tillitski and Selden are just as excited to see their team improve, and urge people to join. They would love to have more underclassmen in their team so they can be sure to leave it in good hands when they graduate.

Seldon noted, “I’m really excited we are finally recognized as a varsity team!” For Selden, this honor is a huge motivator and she knows that it will encourage others to join, too. She and Tillitski are very enthusiastic about their team, and they encourage students to join and be part of a very unique sport. The weather in Florida is ideal for year-round practice, and sailing will prove a worthwhile experience for budding athletes and anyone who is willing to participate. As Athletic Director Johnson stated, “Success has already been achieved [by the sailing team] because by simply adding this sport, it provides yet another opportunity for our students to participate and develop through athletics.” With students and coaches enthusiasm, along with the support of Athletic Director Johnson, the Pine Crest Sailing Team is certainly headed in the right direction.