Artist Leonel Matheu Visits the Pine


[ot-caption title=”Cuban artist Leonel Matheu proudly shows off one of his oil pastels on display in Blosser Gallery. (via Ava Goldstone, Freshman)” url=””]

On Thursday, November 6th, students of all grade levels gathered in the small and secluded hallway known as Blosser Gallery, of the Upper School Library, to marvel at the grand and wondrous works of contemporary artist Leonel Matheu.

As a child growing up in Cuba, Matheu was a member of a creative family of musicians and artists alike. It was here that he developed his passion for art. Ever since he was a young boy, he wanted to be an artist. Although he could only speak with me indirectly through a translator, I could sense the joy within him when he spoke about his passion for design and color. Originally an artist who focused in the field of graphics, he found his true calling in visual art.

This exhibit included two major forms of artistic techniques among the different framed pieces. The first category consisted of oil pastels. In these works, the artist used symbols and shapes to express the meanings of the art. Some specific drawings were of different modes of transportation, such as cars, trains, and trollies, that were featured on graph paper in order to form beautifully precise, geometric patterns.

Matheu mentioned how as a young boy his doodling and sketching on the corners of notebook pages or graph paper in school inspired him to bring this pastime of his to a greater level. The other art displayed was created through the meticulous process using screen printing. This meticulous art form utilizes the silk screen machine in order to create layered, colorful masterpieces. Inspired by the nature of the Everglades, his prints on display showed the common shapes and bright colors found in that environment.

He was commissioned to create these vibrant works of art by the Jackson South Hospital in Miami, Florida. With his knowledge of the effects that color has on mood, Matheu’s works have brightened the lives of the children hospitalized at Jackson South.

On Thursday, he took time out of his busy career to inspire the children at our own school. Students were amazed by the work and talent that went into each piece of art. The lower and middle school students were mesmerized by Matheu’s artwork and presentation. Many of the Upper School students visited the exhibit during their free periods and art classes.

When asked about the event, every student seemed to give the same answer: they were all blown away by Matheu’s skill and this incredible opportunity to witness this great beauty. It is truly a privilege to attend a school in which students can learn through amazing experiences, as they did on Thursday with the help of Leonel Matheu. We thank him for coming and sharing his experiences and expertise with the Pine Crest student body.